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Shahmeer KhanShahmeer Khan
12:33 02 Mar 22
Investing in this company was very cost-effective. I appreciate their all-time availability, excellent communication and remarkable performance. I recommend this company for SEO services
natalie alienatalie alie
07:47 27 Jun 21
At first, I was scared because companies (seo agencies) often accredit themselves of what they can't offer until I tested this SEO agency.Thank again axcotech SEO agency London, I didn't just receive assurance, but I got more than what I paid for! Highly recommend !!!
Muhammad SalmanMuhammad Salman
15:54 20 Jun 21
I have found this web very amazing it's pretty cool and their service
Albert TuñacaoAlbert Tuñacao
15:45 19 Jun 21
SEO is amazing service. Thanks to SEO Agency of Axcotech
Ahsan MahmoodAhsan Mahmood
15:17 24 Apr 21
Pleasure working with them for our client's website. Prompt service and great communication.Highly recommended

Case Study 1


This site had a Low-quality backlink, minimum words content, un-responsive product price table, Need technical SEO.

we Create a High Domain Authority backlink, 2K to 3k word content, responsive product price table, solve technical issues.

After Optimize Website page speed and reduce page size and load time minimum 1 second. Keywords are ranked First page with first position and after some time start earing with amazon associate program.

First page ranking with first position.
Improvement In Search Visibilty

Case Study 2


This site had a high bounce rate, low-quality backlinks, and a google page speed score is under 40.

Find low competition and profitable keywords, Try to solve all technical issues or full audit of the site, Create High Domain Authority backlink with the same or similar niche. Create a Content strategy – to boost the site’s search engine ranking.

Case Study 3

Metro Glass Products is a Canadian owned company based in Calgary, Alberta that was founded in 1971. 

This site had a poor user experience and a low google page speed score.

We solve this user experience problem and add Mobile responsive feature – to boost the site’s search engine ranking.

Improvement In Search Visibilty


 seo agency in london

Why Your Business Need SEO Services?

For 93% of online visitors, search engine are the beginning of their buyer journey.

If you don’t appear at the top of Google search results, You’re losing up to 50% of your potential customers to your competition.


of people don't click on google ads results, but instead they click on organic search results.


of people perform some online research before making a purchase.


of people who do a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.

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Why did you choose AxcoTech SEO Company?

The digital world is a crowded space. Too many SEO companies, too many Digital marketing Services agencies, and too many promises.

We’re not here to talk about our fancy offices or years of experience. We’re here to prove it.

Once you choose Axcotech SEO agency London as your digital marketing agency, you are not choosing an individual person.

We are here to be your partners. Not only at the beginning of the project but through every step of it, we will help you grow until you reach your digital goals.


We Don’t just consider our customers as clients, but we consider them as friends. We care about our customers and make sure everything is done to their satisfaction.


Our company takes pride in delivery on time. We are driven by your desire to get the product into the customer’s hand before they even know they want it.


Partners don’t cut corners. We pour our heart and mind into every project we take on, working with you to deliver outstanding results.

Ongoing Support

In our business, we provide ongoing support to our clients even after the completion of a project.

Our Process to Boost Your Business!

You’ve worked hard to boost your organic search results for your website. We work hard to keep it fast, secure, and up-to-date so that you can focus on running your business.

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Okay, but what is SEO?

The best way to explain Search Engine Optimization is by first explaining what seo is not.

SEO magical bullet

SEO isn’t a magical bullet

If some SEO companies are telling you they can increase your rankings overnight, it’s clear they’re not that familiar with search engine optimization.

SEO is not a magic bullet. It’s an optimization process just like building a house.

Our search engine optimization services solutions optimize for each of those factors to show Google search your website has what it’s looking for.

SEO isn't fully automated

SEO isn't fully automated

One of the biggest misconceptions about SEO is that it’s a completely automated marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization services is an ongoing process that is managed by a skilled human being and software.

Search engine optimization involve manual effort, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd.

SEO Is luruxy

SEO is not a luxury

 If you want to attract customers and make sales online, you need to be visible in Google Search and other search engines.

But one problem is that it is an expensive process.

Thanks to our unique scalable model, we can provide your business with the most effective solution no matter what your budget is.

Our Canada Seo Services

You need Canada SEO services if you want to stay competitive. Our SEO Agency Canada knows exactly what it takes to boost your web presence and stand out from the crowd in search engine rankings.

SEO magical bullet

Local SEO

Our local SEO services are best suited for businesses that are directly located near their customers and/or have many locations.

SEO magical bullet

National SEO

Perfect for any ecommerce site that has products that sell well and can compete nationally. Also businesses that operate on a state level.

International SEO service

International SEO

International SEO helps companies of all sizes with their global digital marketing needs and reach markets outside your country.

Technical SEO service

Technical SEO

Technical issues are one of the biggest reasons why people give up on upgrading or purchasing your product, which means less money in your pocket.

To perform an SEO technical analysis you need to think like the search engine crawlers and not an end user.

SEO Audit

SEO Audits

Our SEO audits are designed to clearly explain our findings to you. We’ll also offer suggestions for how to improve your site.

We can create a custom plan based on your unique needs, and follow up afterward to make sure everything goes smoothly.

SEO magical bullet

Speed Optimization

Even a few milliseconds of delay in your web page loading speed will cost you more money than you can imagine in lost sales.

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Answers to Your Questions

How Long Does search engine optimisation Take To Start Working?

There is a lot of debate about how long it takes to start seeing results from your SEO efforts.

On average, you can expect to start noticing the effects of SEO starting 4 to 6 months after you begin implementing it.

Difference between local seo and national seo?

Local SEO is about reaching people in your area.

National SEO is about reaching people all over the country or even all over the world. It’s a bit like telephony.

Small or medium size businesses need seo?

Absolutely yes, Small or medium size businesses have a greater need for SEO than corporations with lots of cash to spend.
Corporations can afford to pay experts already. know how to do SEO, whereas small and mid-size businesses have no choice but to do their own.

What is your search engine optimisation solutions process?

SEO solutions is a process that follows the same approach as any other strategy in successful business.

First Phrase Research & Audit

This phase will include a though Research of keyword volume. Competitiveness. current content analysis and overall user experience.

This will help us  determine scope of keywords to target and identify areas of opportunity to create a game plan.

Second Phrase Technical SEO Fixes

We’ll examine navigation. mobile friendliness. site architecture. structured data. website speed. and other factors that ensure users and crawlers will receive a great first impression.

Third Phrase On-Page seo

During this phase content creation will take place and we’ll pair each keyword with a specific kind of content Wellimprove the current pages. add new effective content wherever needed.

Fourth Phrase Link Building

During  this phase we’ll focus on developing healthy backlinks and clean up any low quality links if needed.

You’ll see some moderate. improvement in     the website’s visibility.

Fifth Phrase Continuou-Testing & Conversion Tracking.

In this phrase you’ll begin to see some moderate to significant results.

Sixth Phrase Analyze and Improvement

We’ll analyse the historical data and fine tune it in order to improve th results We’ll continue with content creation. keyword optimization to target new audiences.

From month 6 and beyond everything will be all about maintaining and updating ongoing SEO efforts for long term ROI.

Why should I work with your SEO Company?

Our SEO Company will help search engines recognize your content so you are better position in SERPs (search engine optimization).

Immediate results – We will work with you to get your website where we can and then we will continue to tweak the website.

What if i don't have a website? Can you Offer web design Service?

Don’t worry at all. If you selected any SEO plan whose above at least for six months, so our agency build a free good-looking new website for you.

Can you guarantee search engine optimization results?

We never guarantee particular rankings. And any agency that does is deceiving you. The truth is, Google is constantly updating their algorithms and SEO changes frequently.

Also, as we mentioned above, a company’s link-building strategy can be the same as one of its competitors, and Google may rank both sites on the first page for the same keyword or phrases.

Is SEO still relevant and working in 2022?

So is it still a good investment? Short answer: Yes! SEO is still very relevant in the digital marketing scene.